Designer Profile: Mark Boulton


Mark Boulton is the creative director of Mark Boulton Design and co-founder of Five Simple Steps Company.Mark is known to be a designer,an author, a speaker. The goal of Five Simple Steps is simple; to publish ‘must-read’ books for the web professional written by world-renowned authors or leading thinkers in their field. He is currently living in Wales, he is a husband, dad and uncle.

Mark started his company based on a bunch of tutorials posted on a blog several years ago he continues to update his blog till this day. He wrote an article called, ‘Five Simple Steps to Better Typography’. It was a five part series and presented some simple facts about typography that he felt needed to be addressed, particularly on the web. Two months later that site was growing fast and had doubled its traffic. After the growth of his blog Mark decided to make a book from these blog post and named the book A Practical Guide to Designing for the Web. Soon after a pdf was released and it went for sale in February 2009 and sold 3,000 copies in the first fortnight. The positive feedback for the book was overwhelming.

Soon after the success of the pdf a paperback was released although only about 1500 all of them have now sold except for several dozen. Since the book was such a success Mark started to work with other authors and wrote another popular book called A Practical Guide to Designing Grid Systems. Mark continues to improve his business till this day.


What’s Being Done:

There is a variety of work that Mark Boulton and his company does, it ranges from Web designing to online branding here’s some more detail

  • Audience and User research – Finding out about the people going to be using the site so they can find out what features to include and which ones not to
  • Information Architecture – Is organizing how your website will be structured, and how users find what they need, it is an important key to the success of any design project
  • Interaction and User Interface Design – Using techniques and tools such as paper or HTML prototyping to make sure your design is true to the medium.
  • Graphic Design and Art Direction- Deep understanding of traditional design practice applied in a relevant and appropriate way.




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