Designer: Michael Bierut

Who is Michael Bierut:

Michael Bierut was born in 1957 in Cleveland, Ohio. He is one of the most famous graphic designers known today, but you would not get that idea from him. The reason for this is because Bierut is “Midwestern-raised, impeccably mannered person” (Walker, 2012). He will take the time to talk with individuals on a large-scale events or just advice to a student taking design. This shows that this individual loves the job he is doing and wants to make others successful as well. He is one of the best in the industry but he is down to earth and a well liked individual.

What led to his Career?

Design was not an area that was pushed when Michael was younger, but this did not keep him away from it. At first he was not sure if this was what he wanted to do, but upon graduation he went to study graphic design. He attended the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning.

In 1980 he landed a job. This job was a great opportunity as it was with a top design firm in New York City (Walters, 2012). Bierut was at this job for ten years and eventually moved up in the company. One of the things Bierut said he learned from this opportunity was that,

“the most interesting thing I learned is that a lot of the things about design that tend to get designers really interested aren’t that important”

This quote shows us how he understood design. The little things are the factors that are playing a large part in people enjoying design.

Success for Bierut:

Pentagram is the world’s largest independent design firm (Pentagram Design, 2012). Bierut is one of the partners in this company. He landed a job here in 1990 and has been there ever since. They work in a number of different countries and they also work in a number of different design areas. This shows that this is a great opportunity and Bierut is well-known because of this. While here he has worked with many individuals over the years, and there are a few that stand out. They would consist of Walt Disney, New York Jets and even the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Walters, 2012).This shows that he works with a variety of people and each one he is successful with. Not only is his work all over there are even pieces that are on display in Museums in New York (Design Observer, 2012). This goes to show why Michael Bierut has won a number of awards over the years. He is a well know designer.

Even with all the work he does he still takes time to get involved. He is a member of a number of different committees. He has also founded an online design journal which is known as the Design Observer. He wanted to get a larger audience

than just your typical designers. That is why this looks a design in a number of ways. It will reach a larger audience because of the way Bierut set it up. This Design Observer can be found at:

Advice from Bierut:

One thing that Bierut informs designers to remember is

 “Not everything is design,” he writes. “But design is about everything. So do yourself a favor: be ready for anything.” (Walters, 2012).



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By: Candace Vandenbrink


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  1. good layout of your blog, everything has its own section and is seperated. I especially like how you ended off with a quote, it will make you remember it well.

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