The Gutenberg Press

Although the Gutenberg press was not the first tool used for printing, it was the invention that changed the world of printing into what we see today, give or take a few computers.

by Spencer Singer

Johannes Gutenberg

Johannes Gutenberg was a goldsmith, and a businessman from Germany with an idea that changed the printing world into what we see today. With a money loan Gutenberg invented a revolutionary printing device, allowing books to be available to the masses for a cheaper price then traditionally written books.

The Gutenberg Press

The difference between old printing tools, and the Gutenberg press was that the Gutenberg press split text into individual pieces (lower case, upper case, and punctuation marks). The individual pieces were casted separately then assembled together to form words, similarly to a typewriter. The letters and punctuation marks were casted in steel block before being punched into softer metal like copper. Once the letters were ready, they can be fit into the press for printing.

The press involved the same technology as a wine-press did, using manual pressure to print on paper. In the links bellow, a you tube video will better illustrate this. The letters were placed in a metal holders to form words, separated by blank spaces. Each metal holder printed one page.

The Gutenberg bible

The most famous action by Johannes Gutenberg was his printed bible. Printing the bible made it most accessible throughout Europe. Interestingly, historians believe that the printing of the bible, was the starting point of the protestant church. That is because people could read the bible themselves and some found that they have been lied to by the church. Therefore starting the protestant church in “protest.”


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  1. Hey Spencer.
    Thanks for explain who is Gutenberg.
    It was easy to understand because you explained very well.

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