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Williams in a Nutshell

Williams, R. (n.d.). Retrieved from

by Samantha Pattridge

Born in 1953, Robin Williams has been many things: an instructor of graphic design and typography, a professional speaker, and a doctoral student, just to name a few. She has “written, designed, indexed, and produced more than sixty books about graphic design, typography, web design, Macintosh computers, and technology” (Williams, “CV”, 2010).

Peachpit Press

Robins’ work is published primarily by Peachpit Press, who celebrate her as having “educated and influenced an entire generation of computer users in the areas of design, typography, desktop publishing” (Pearson, 2012). Her titles include works such as The Non-Designer’s Design Book, The Mac is Not a Typewriter, and How to Boss Your Fonts Around. Williams won Peachpit’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006.

Williams, R. (n.d.). Retrieved from

Notable Projects

One of Williams’ favourite projects is The Shakespeare Papers, a series of booklets subtitled: “Shakespeare by design, a wee bit at a time.” Each booklet is 16 pages plus a cover and focuses on “snippets of amusing, tantalizing, peculiar, educative, unexpected, surprising, brilliant, intriguing, and occasionally controversial tidbits about the Shakespearean plays and sonnets” (Williams, “Shakespeare,” 2012).

Williams’ love of Shakespeare led her to pursue an MA in the field in London, and she is currently working on her doctorate on Shakespearean studies as well.

Useful Links

Most of the material available about Williams online is from her own web pages. I found these two particularly helpful:

Robin Williams’ home page


Pearson Education, Peachpit Press. (2012). Robin Williams. Retrieved from

Williams, R. (2010). CV. Robin Williams. Retrieved from

Williams, R. (2012). The Shakespeare Papers. Retrieved from


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